Terra Real Vegetable Chips Blues Sea Salt -- 5 oz

Product Description
Terra Real Vegetable Chips Blues Sea Salt Description
  • Made From Naturally Blue Potatoes
  • 40% Less Fat Than Regular Potato Chips

Terra Chipså¨ introduces an extraordinary new chip guaranteed to please your eye, as well as your palate. Terra Blueså¨ Potato Chips, made from naturally Blue Potatoes, are premium quality chips that are a delectable treat. Vibrant bluish-purple in color, with a slightly nutty flavor, they're simply unforgettable. Each delicious batch is cooked via a special process which gives you a lower fat chip, without sacrificing color or taste. So these all-natural gourmet snacks are as easy on your waistline as they are on your eyes. Try Terra Blueså¨ Potato Chips -- with color so pure and taste so sophisticated, they're truly a rhapsody in blue.


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Other Ingredients: Blue potatoes, canola oil and/or sunflower oil and salt.
$ 5.99