Eden Foods Organic Garbanzo Beans Low Fat -- 15 oz

Product Description

Eden Foods Organic Garbanzo Beans Low Fat Description

The multitasking bean that turns beginners into kitchen winners.

  • Family-farm grown for the freshest bean every time
  • No salt added (because you can always add it later)
  • Low in fat but high in belly-filling fiber
  • Featuring a BPA-free lining
  • Also known as chickpeas, these beans are great for more than hummus
  • Add to salad greens, soups, pastas and more!

From falafel to festive salad topper, there isn‰۪t a recipe garbanzo beans haven‰۪t touched. It‰۪s hard to believe, but hummus isn‰۪t the only delicious dish these legumes have given us. Centuries ago, garbanzo beans were eaten as dessert or roasted like popcorn kernels. Originating in the same country as the decathlon, it‰۪s no surprise that chickpeas are one of the greatest multitaskers.

Chickpeas, garbanzo beans ‰ÛÒ whatever you call them ‰ÛÒ they‰۪re a beginner chef‰۪s best friend. You can still make your favorite pita dip. But when you choose Eden Foods Organic Low-Fat Garbanzo Beans, you‰۪ll want to olive-branch out a bit. The rich, creaminess of these chickpeas will create a fool-proof flavor in any recipe. Suddenly, cooking doesn‰۪t feel so Greek after all.

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Other Ingredients: Organic garbonzo beans, water, kombu seaweed.

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