Bionaturae Organic 100% Whole Wheat Spaghetti -- 16 oz

Product Description

Bionaturae Organic 100% Whole Wheat Spaghetti Description

  • USDA Organic

  • Made in Italy

Exceptional tasting whole wheat pasta!

Enjoy the health benefits of whole wheat pasta without sacrificing great flavor. bionaturaeå¨ organic whole wheat pasta is made in a century-old pasta factory. This third generation of pasta artisans makes exceptionally great tasting whole wheat pasta that cooks to the prefect texture.

They start with superior wheat, which is grown with care and tradition on small family farms and freshly milled for each production. TheiråÊwhole wheat pasta is dried slowly and naturally at low temperatures. This delicate process preserves the original nutrients and exceptional flavor ofåÊtheir durum wheat. Take time out of your busy day to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner made with bionaturaeå¨ organic whole wheat pasta from Italy!


Bring 4 quarts of water to a full boil. Add 1 tablespoon of salt. Pour in 1lb. of pasta and stir so pasta does not stick. Cook uncovered at full boil, stirring occasionally. The more you cook your pasta, the higher the glycemic-index rating. Please test your pasta frequently and become accustomed to eating pasta "al dente", as they do in Italy.

Cooking Time: 11 minutes.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Other Ingredients: Organic whole durum wheat flour.
Contains Wheat.

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